Monday, December 31, 2012

November School Highlights

Leaf Unit
Of course we had to start off by playing in the leaves!

I combined two different ideas here: 1st she made finger painted leaves. Then she put them together to make a leaf wreath.

She also labeled the parts of a leaf & did leaf rubbings  

Apple Unit
Apple taste test with a handwriting sheet to write her favorite one and the reason why.

Hand print Apple Tree in progress.

The Finished Piece!  
Since it was the week before Thanksgiving, we made it a "Thankful Tree". She wrote something that she's thankful for on each apple.  

My big girl is becoming such an artist!  
She drew this picture to illustrate the story, "A New House", in the book Grasshopper on the Road. 

She also labeled the parts of an apple & did apple printing

She ended the month with her Bible & Ballet Recital.  


Tricia Keierleber said...

way to go mommy and carysse! you gave me great ideas!

Cristina said...

Looks like you guys have lots of fun with school! What is Bible and Ballet? I want to get Lola into a dance class so I'd love to hear more about this!

Caryn said...

Thanks Tricia!

Hi Cristina! I'll email the info to you.

Lisa said...

Hi Caryn! Could you e-mail me the Bible and Ballet info too? Looks right up Abigail's alley! :-)


Caryn said...

The B&B teacher is taking the semester off but I'll email you the info for another class that we're planning to try.