Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Want to be like Christian!

Kempton shared "10 Ways I Want to be Like Christian" during Christian's 10th birthday party.  He used these 8 ways from a previous blog post & added two more.  I listed them below.

10 Ways I Want To Be Like Christian:

1) He is himself at all times. You always know how he's feeling. He doesn't ever put on his "happy face" so others around him will think everything is going well.

2) He is never a people pleaser. He never tries to impress others or act in a way to gain others approval. He never desires to come across like he's important or someone to be admired.

3) He is never two-faced. He is never hypocritical. What you see is what you get. He never puts on a facade.

4) He never praises himself or flaunts around trying to be seen or known; even though he has had several international appearances. :-)

5) He is extremely content with what he already has. He never tries to keep up with the Joneses. He could care less about what others own. He never desires the latest fads, fashions, or anyone else's fortunes.

6) He never gets bored with the daily routine. He actually prefers the simple life. He never tries to "escape" in his mind through blogging, tweeting, or facebooking. He is satisfied by just being alive.

7) He is never anxious about tomorrow (or the next minute or hour). Even though he depends on others for all of his care, he never is fearful that he won't be taken care of. He never doubts that someone will be there.

8) He never lets bad situations keep him down. He has had to endure so much in his 8 years of life...4 1/2 months of hospitalization, breathing tubes, surgeries, blood transfusions, pneumonias, seizures, mini stroke-like episode, & the list goes on.

9) He is getting older, but still remains child-like and dependent on his father.

10) He is often filled with joy and laughter in the most difficult circumstances—like a hospital operating room!

O Gracious Father, thank you for Christian, make me more like my son, but only in ways that it would make me more like YOUR Son (Jesus) - who we praise, amen!

A Golden Birthday Indeed!

My 1st born turned 10 on February 10!  Ten years ago, I would have never thought that we would see this day.  My baby boy was born at 25 weeks gestation & given a 50/50 chance to live.  But thanks be to God...His plan was that, "This illness does not lead to death.  It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it" (John 11:4).
Our great God has been faithful to us throughout these 10 years.  They haven't all been easy years, but God's presence, strength, peace, & joy sustained us and still is...Praise the Lord!
I had been looking forward to celebrating this blessed occasion for quite a while.  We had such a wonderful celebration!  We invited a few friends from the Disability Ministry to celebrate with us.  Looking around our living room that day, we didn't see disability, we saw "His-ability"...all types of wonderfully & fearfully made image-bearers of God.  On that Saturday afternoon, we weren't just celebrating our son, but all the lives of the children present.  We don't know what the next 10 years hold for our son & our family.  But we do know, that God will be there & give us all that we need.  "He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? (Romans 8:32)"  On that promise, we strive to rest, trust, & joyfully live!

I truly enjoyed recalling God's goodness as I made this
"Decade of Birthdays" display for his party.




Father-Son Snuggle Moment

Christian was so blessed to spend this day with all of his friends!

His friend's shirt says it all...Life is not always good but God is (always)!

My big boy's cake 
(Sorry, blogger won't show the pic upright)

Christian was so excited opening his gifts!  

Just what I wanted!  

Oh yeah, being 10 is sweet!  

All the kids left with a Golden Treat

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Top Toddler Activities

These are our 2 yr old's favorite things to do.  I've previously mentioned a couple of them but I thought it would be a good idea to list all of them just in case anyone is interested.  
I often have her do one of these activities when I need to work individually with her big sister.

Pipe cleaners & strainer

Clothespins & container

Beans, plate with sections, & spoon

Putting stickers on paper

Recycle Bin Crafts ~ gather misc items from the recycle bin & just have them create!