Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Highlights

In our home, it was definitely March Madness Gladness!  My hubby spoke in 3 different countries - US, Dominican Republic, & Canada and he officiated his brothers' wedding in Texas!  The weekend he was home, he taught a 2-day baptism class at church.  Praise the Lord for His sustaining grace on K to preach the Gospel to so many people and for me and the kids while he was gone. Thank God for helpers!  The Lord was so kind to culminate this busy month by blessing me to join my sweetie on the trip to Canada...what a sweet treat!  Here's a glimpse of our month -

Christian's helper & the kids made this snowman before all the snow melted the 1st week of March.  Even though the snowman is quite cute, I am soooo lovin' that we had a very short Minnesota winter this year.  Sixty & Seventy degree weather in March...unbelievable!  

Christian checking out his new toy that his daddy brought back from one of his trips.  

Sister Lovin'

Beautiful Poster that I got from Pinterest

Carysse had her 2nd Bible & Ballet Worship Concert.
This is her teacher - Ms. Karen. 

The snow-capped mountains seen from the Calgary, Canada airport.

K & C (& baby #4) striking a pose in Canada!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The True Fool

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” 
Psalm 14:1    

On this day that society deems, "April Fools' Day".  Let's take a look at the true definition of a fool.  

"The Fool" - the most fundamentally foolish thing in the universe is to deny that there is a God. It is like a living, healthy man denying the existence of his beating heart, or his breathing lungs, thus denying the moment-by-moment warm, red blood flowing inside his body and the fresh air being breathed into his lungs.  He stupidly denies the very source of his life, while simultaneously living off of it.  This is the epitome of a walking contradiction. This is worse than a demon. Even demons acknowledged the reality of God when in the presence of Jesus!  However, the human who has been created in the image of God, yet claims that there is no God, is infinitely worse and wicked—because he denies the glorious reality of the only infinitely wise and worthy Creator God who "gives life, breath and all things" to every living creature (Acts 17.25).

~Kempton Turner