Sunday, December 7, 2014

We Made It!

We finished our Cruising the Country Unit! 
50 States in 50 Weeks...What An Adventure! 

Here are the last 2 states that we studied:

Utah's Capital is Salt Lake City.  
It's named after the Great Salt Lake which is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River. We decided to focus on fresh water vs. salt water for this unit. 

Kalia did this Sink or Float activity.  

Carysse completed this worksheet

Then we did a Salt Water Experiment.
We talked about the term "density".  Salt adds mass to water & causes it to be more compact (dense) which is why things float in salt water but sink in fresh water. Using an egg is a perfect example to show this concept.

Wyoming is known as "The Equality State" because it was the first state that women were granted the right to vote.  
Even though it is the least populous state, a well known artist is from there ~ Jackson Pollock.  He was an Abstract Expressionist painter who was known for his unique style of action painting.  He would drip, pour, throw, & splash paint onto very large canvases which were often laid flat on the floor. Because we Turner girls err on the side of FUN, we chose to focus on Pollock's painting technique for our Wyoming Unit. 

We read this book about Pollock. 

The girls really enjoyed action painting! Thankfully we did it before winter came in early November so that we could keep the mess outside enjoy the beautiful weather. This was a great way to use up our end of year almost empty bottles of paint.

Thanks for trekking with us on our journey; we enjoyed sharing it with you! 

I don't know about them but mama is exhausted!

Monday, December 1, 2014

One Week Later...

I've been pondering what to say in response to the Michael Brown Case/Ferguson Verdict. However, a brother in Christ shared his thoughts and they fit mine exactly! His response was so on target and Gospel-filled that you must read it if you haven't already ~