Thursday, May 16, 2013

More than a Preacher & Wife...

Also, dearly loved friends!  

I mentioned in a previous post about how much I love my small group.  Sadly, a couple of Sundays ago, we had our final small group with The Pipers before they leave.  We will miss them immensely!  Over these past 4+ yrs, we've shared lots of meals together, laughs together, prayers together, & tears together.  
We've spent countless Sunday evenings around their dining table.  Noel has lavished her kind, warm, hospitable service towards us every time. We can't get enough of her homemade spaghetti dinner!  Pastor John is just another one of the guys around the table...sharing hilarious videos, laughing, & telling funny childhood stories.  
We've spent a Thanksgiving & a Christmas with them.  That meant a lot to us especially with us not having family in town.  Speaking of holidays, Noel's book, Treasuring God in our Traditions, is a must read.  Here's a post about the book.     
Their daughter, sweet Talitha, has watched my kids on several occasions including at the Joni & Friends Family Retreats where she's served as a Short Term Missionary (S.T.M.).

John & Noel, I thank our Lord for all the rich blessings that we have received from you.  Your life, your words, your passion for Christ and The Word has greatly impacted me.  May Christ continue to be gloried in you and through you.  I Love You!  

Here's a photo recap of our sweet evening together

K. is going to sorely miss seeing his spiritual mentor on a regular basis.  

The guys

We had a Cinco de Mayo theme!

Let the Hymn Charades begin!

Pastor John acting out "Jesus Loves the Little Children".
Sorry it's sideways for a few seconds.  

 I was on the Pipers team & we won!
Those two definitely know hymns!  

Our sweet small group

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pure Pleasure Gathering - This Saturday!

Here’s how you can pray for this gathering –

1.    The “Behind-the-scenes” support team - Ask the Father to fill them with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5.18) that those who will be using their gifts at the Pure Pleasure gathering would serve in the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. (I Pet. 4.11)

2.    The Worship Team (led by Ryan Thom) - Ask the Father to fill them with the Holy Spirit, so that they would be addressing their brothers in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with their hearts! (Eph. 5.18-19)

3.    Men who are enslaved to sexual sin - Ask the Lord Jesus to come in mighty Truth and gospel power to set these men free from their bondage to all forms of sexual sin. And if any are spiritually dead, to cause them to be born again to a new and living hope (I Pet. 1.3)!  Praise Jesus that everyone that He sets free is really, truly, lastingly free indeed (Jn. 8.31-36)!  May our God satisfy them every morning and every moment—with Himself! (Jn. 6.35)

4.    Men who have been set free from sexual sin - Lord Jesus, we praise you that you have set these men free from their bondage to sexual sin!  Please keep them from using their freedom as an opportunity for the flesh. Cause them to go from one degree of glory to another in their freedom, satisfaction and conformity to your image (2 Cor. 3.17-18).  Through your Spirit, equip them to comfort their brothers with the same comfort that they have received from you (2 Cor. 1.3-4). 

5.    Pastor Jason (who will do the opening Welcome/ Announcements/ Prayer) - Ask the Father to fill Jason with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name, so that his prayers would be “in the Spirit” (Jude 20). And that his words would be “good for building up, as fits the occasion, that they may give grace to those who hear.” (Eph. 4.29) 

6.    Pastor Kempton (who will lead 2 one-hour sessions) - Ask the Father to fill Kempton with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name, so that when he speaks, he would be speaking the very oracles of God—as he serves in the strength that God supplies—so that God would be glorified through Jesus Christ! (I Pet. 4.11).

Ask our Father to cause Kempton to know nothing among the men at Pure Pleasure except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  And in Kempton’s utter weakness, ask the Lord to cause his speech and message not to be in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and power, that the faith of the hearers might not rest in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God! (I Cor. 2.1-5)

7. Joe Rigney (who will lead a 4-wk follow-up study) – Same prayer aim as Kempton’s. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

When the going gets tough...

The Mama gets out this stuff!

Since we've been having a very snowy, rainy & chilly Spring, I've had to plan extra indoor activities for my kiddos.  Here's a list of our favorites.

We enjoy painting our snacks

I keep a bag of balloons on hand.  They're always lots of fun!

Marbles - A preschoolers' joy!

My girls like painting so much that I created a Pinterest board -
Fun with paint!

Water Play - Lots of Splashing Fun!

Glow sticks - Just $1 for a bag of endless fun! 

Good ole dress-up.  Her big sister dressed her up & said that,
"She's getting married." :-)