Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What A Sweet Month!

The Lord has been so kind to fill our October with so many good things! We've been running non-stop, but not for the sake of being busy. Our plate has been filled with many sweet blessings. God's undeserved grace flowed to us in many ways! Here's a partial list of the highlights from the month.

1. Today, Kempton & I spoke at Northwestern College for their Disability Awareness Week. The Lord led us to talk about God's Sovereign Goodness in Disability. God was so faithful in using us to speak His truth. This was our 2nd time speaking together this month & we've really enjoyed it!

2. A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Julie, & I organized a Busy Bag Swap Party. Sixteen of our friends gathered together to exchange activity bags for our children. We had to put forth a lot of effort & time into our individual bags but it was so worth it when we ended up with 16 different activities.

3. On Saturday, my friend & I hosted a baby shower for our friend who is pregnant with her 10th child! I typically don't initiate hosting baby showers; but this was an exception. Jackie is such a sweet, humble woman of God that truly believes that children are a blessing and allows God to be Lord over her womb. Also, a couple of her kids have special needs. So, I delighted in honoring her in this way. Does she look like a mother who's birthed almost 10 children? Incredible!

4. Carysse enjoyed going to her 1st Tea. Her friend, Phoebe, had a fun 4th birthday party! My friend, Gen, is a super decorator as you can see!

5. When daddy had some time just with his daughters, he did this precious photo shoot as they enjoyed one of the last warm Fall days. He captures the best pics of our kids!

More highlights coming soon! :-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Retreat '11 - Final Day

Kempton's Final Session was about Looking to Jesus ~ Our Ultimate Freedom! Here are some key points -

* Changeless Christians don't exist! There's always transformation when you collide with Jesus!
* When we look to Jesus, the devil's hands are broken off our eyes (2 Cor. 4:4)
* To be saved is to find out what happened to you at the Cross.
* At salvation, Jesus is no longer a boring sage but a Beautiful Savior.

Like mommy~Like daughter
My sweetie wanted to dress like me

My baby girl with Judy, a Joni & Friends leader from Chicago

Christian finally warmed up on the last day ~
This is the 1st smile we got out of him!

Joe, one of the campers, was fond of Kempton from the start.

Carysse & mommy took a ride in a steamboat while the rest of the family took a nap.

We Praise the Lord for another blessed year at Family Retreat!

He has done great things for us; we are glad.
Psalm 126:3