Monday, May 11, 2009

Take a Stroll (or should I say Scroll) Down My Interesting Mother’s Day

1. I received this absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers from my mom!
2. I received this crazy video from one of my closest friends in Texas. Shawn, you are too funny! Miss you much!
3. I spent the morning at the pediatrician's office with both of my sick kids. My hubby had to be at church because he was in charge of leading both services.
4. Kempton came home and said one of my gifts is to have a mommy day away and not to come back til dinner time. Yippee!!!
5. First, I had to go pick up my kids’ antibiotic meds. The pharmacist probably thought I was one of those paranoid mommies because I had them double check Carysse’s dose with her weight and asked if it tasted good or needed flavoring because this was her very 1st time needing medication other than Tylenol.
6. Then, I went here. This is where I ALWAYS go on my mommy breaks!
7. When I got home, Kempton had prepared a delicious dinner for us--You're a sweetie!
8. Then, he showed me that he had completed his entire “Honey, Will You Please Do” list--Way to go babe!
9. After dinner, we went here to get our favorite ice cream and drove around Lake Harriet & Lake Calhoun.
10. We returned home and I was completely exhausted. What a Blessed Day!

Do you have anything interesting to share about your Mother’s Day???


Cristina said...

I'm happy for you that you went to Archivers. I love that place! Did you use their workroom to work on projects, or just stroll through the store? I enjoyed my first Mother's Day with my sweet baby. Jeremy ordered a necklace for me with Clara's birthstone in it so I'm looking forward to that arriving in the mail. Being a mommy is a great thing!

Caryn said...

Yep, I brought in my scrapbook case and worked for a few hours in their workroom. I had a table all to myself :-).

Your 1st Mother's Day...What a sweet celebration!

I remember celebrating my 1st Mother's Day while Christian was still in NICU. It brought me so much joy just to be able to hold my baby. Now at my 6th Mother's Day, I praise God that I've been doubly blessed!