Monday, July 23, 2012

July Highlight: A Sweet Month but A Sad Day

My hubby went back to work today after taking a month off since Baby Caleb’s birth.  Yes, we had the blessed privilege of having him home for 30 days!!!  He wanted to take this time to have undivided time loving & serving our family.  Our pastor asked him to preach in the current series but Kempton declined so that he could focus on serving us.  For those of you who know my hubby you know that this was a HUGE sacrifice because he has been given a great preaching gift & loves to use that gift for the advancement of the Kingdom.  So, his decision really blessed my heart.

10 things I’ll miss the most from this past month
1) K. making our delicious breakfast
2) Reading the Word together after breakfast
3) K. sharing the kids' morning routine with me
4) Our fun family field trips 2-3 times a week
5) Having lunch together everyday
6) K. watching all 4 of the kids so I could get a daily nap or get out for a mommy break
7) Eating dinner early every night (not having to wait after rush hour traffic)
8) Our family Dairy Queen dessert runs
9) Daddy's quality time with each of the kids even when the baby wanted to have his time in the middle of the night J
10) How Kempton's wonderful leadership & presence has given us a great start as we transitioned into a family of 6!

Babe, we’ll never know fully all the sweet fruit that reaped from your time with us.  But by God’s grace, your wife will always be grateful for your joyful sacrifice.  Through you, I’ve seen God’s goodness, faithfulness, & provision towards our family.  We are so sad that you have to return to workL. However, I hope that I will remember that the same God who kept us these past 30 days will continue to show Himself strong & cover us with His favor & grace as we watch the clock until you get home go through our daily routine without you.  You’ll be missed but we are so thankful that you have a jobJ!  

Wrestling with Christian

Playing a game with Carysse & eating their favorite snack - chips & dip

Carrying Kalia often as she adjusted to not being the "Baby" anymore

Talking to your baby boy

And wearing him

Playing outside with your girls

You're such a goofy fun daddy!