Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carysse Graduated!!!

From Baby Storytime that is!
We actually had this last storytime at an elderly home. What a blessed opportunity to bring bright smiles to the residents' faces as they watched the kids sing, dance, and play. I’ve taken Carysse to storytime at the library since she was 9 months. It’s been a joy watching her love for books blossom over these 15 months. Now that she is 2, she has “graduated” out of baby storytime. This toddler stage is exhausting, but I desire to cherish every moment of it. I want to do more cuddling with her and reading to her because way to soon this stage will be over. Just being at the elderly home reminded me about the brevity of life.

So, I will read with my baby girl

While she is here in my arms

I don't want to miss even one book

'Cause all too soon we’ll reach the last chapter

And she'll be gone

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The Keierleber Family said...

Thank you for ripping out my heart! yeah thanks! :)