Friday, May 1, 2009

Part 2: Feminist vs. Biblical Influence

How We Have Been Influenced - 4. "Women are not inferior to men. I have just as much right to my opinion and way as he does."

How We Can Change - 4. "There is no partiality with God - whether we are male or female. But that doesn't mean I have a right to demand my opinion. My role is to be under my husband's authority. God knows better than anyone how I can glorify Him." (1 Cor 11:3, 7-8)

How We Have Been Influenced - 5. "I can't take much more of this. Nobody cares about me."

How We Can Change - 5. "I am to be thankful for all things for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning me." If I'm not like this, I need to pray for a thankful heart. (1 Thes. 5:18, Phil 2:14-15)

How We Have Been Influenced - 6. "I'm going to do this for my family, but I resent it."

How We Can Change - 6. "I am going to serve my family and do my work heartily as unto the Lord." (Col 3:23-24)

Note: In Martha Peace's handout, most of the 12 points did not have the scripture references written. Although her points were all biblical, I added the references so you would know that they were not her opinion but God's :-).


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