Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beavers & Raccoons & Badgers...Oh my!

My kids really enjoy watching Wild Kratts. I like them too because they teach all kinds of facts about animals in an interesting, fun way.  We studied Oregon's State Animal the Beaver for this unit.  Of course we searched to see if the Wild Kratts had an episode for beavers and here it is!

We looked at online photos of beaver dams like this one. It's amazing how God gave each of his creatures extraordinary abilities to live, function, & adapt to it's environment. 

The girls made edible beaver dams with pretzel sticks, peanut butter, & chocolate chips.

Carysse drew a beaver while Kalia completed this coloring sheet.

We studied Tennessee's State Animal the Raccoon for this unit. 
They may be cute but they're scavengers; they'll eat almost ANYTHING including your garbage! 

Acorns are one of the raccoons favorite foods so we decided to make some yummy acorns.
We followed the directions but used chocolate chips instead of black brainer. :-) 

Coloring Sheet found here.
Book Read: Raccoons

We could have focused on cheese for this unit but that wouldn't be as fun as Wisconsin's State Animal ~ the Badger.

Wild Kratts Outsmart Mom Conversation
Carysse: Badgers stink.
Me: I think you mean skunks stink.
Carysse: No; some badgers spray stinky smells because they're in the skunk family. 
Me: How do you know that?
Carysse: I learned it on Wild Kratts! :-) 

Now that it's Winter in November where I live :-/, we might as well talk about hibernation and read one of our favorite picture books. A badger is one of the characters in this book series

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