Friday, March 6, 2009

I Want My Life To Say...

"Jesus, I Love You More!"

*More than my loving husband
*More than my precious children
*More than my supportive family
*More than my caring friends
*More than my health
*More than my appearance
*More than my ministries
*More than my career
*More than my possessions
*More than my bank accounts
*More than my retirement funds
*More than my talents and gifts
*More than my hobbies
*More than my to do lists
*More than my computer
*More than my TV
*More than my "me" time

Etc, Etc, Etc....

I was meditating on this thought yesterday while I was driving. Then all of a sudden a truck drove by with an advertisement on it. It read, "Live Like You Mean It!" Wow, that definitely wasn't a coincidence, but a God-incidence! I needed that. I have a long way to grow in this area. But by God's grace, as I continue to grow in Him, I desire for my life to shout out, "JESUS, I LOVE YOU MORE!!!"


Laurie Lynn said...

Don'tcha just love God's sweet timing?!

The Keierleber Family said...

God has been working in me... some "hard" stuff to do. Not really hard, but ya know... :)

I sure do love when He works in us! This post is exactly how I am feeling... you will see my post sometime today or tomorrow called "true love" and you will see a little of the work He has been doing! :)(not the "hard" stuff, but something so awesome)! :)