Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fight Songs

My hubby has always been an athlete and I have always been the one waiting for the game to be over…lol. He still remembers his High school “Fight” Song which actually ends with, “Fight, fight, fight!” Being the nonathletic person that I am, I asked him why it was called a “fight” song. He said that the song stirs the players up to overcome the opponent. As everyone sings it, you get charged up because you know that the whole school (staff, students, players, cheerleaders) are all behind you encouraging you to overcome the adversary and win.

Well, we weren’t playing in a game on Sunday night but we definitely felt encouraged to keep “fighting”. Kempton and I went to the Chris Tomlin & Israel Houghton concert (or should I say worship service). Boy, was I charged up! What an awesome time in the Lord! One of my favorite “fight” songs is Chris T’s “How Can I Keep From Singing”.

Spiritual fight songs champion the hope we have in God. They encourage us to overcome despair & defeat. They also help us to offer praises to God even in the midst of pain & trials. As we sing these songs with other believers, we all are recharged to press on and finish strong. No wonder the longest book in the Bible (by chapters) is the Book of Psalms which is a collection of songs, hymns, and prayers. Take a look at Psalm 28:7, 68:4, 98:4, 147:1, & 149:1. The list of Psalms can go on & on, but there are also other references to singing; such as Eph 5:18-21 and Col 3:16. As you can see, singing to our Lord is a big deal!

Praise the Lord for the ministry of those (like Chris T. and Israel H.) who write and sing songs that God uses to sustain our joy and hope in Him.

So, what are some fight songs that you like???


The Keierleber Family said...

Amen Sister! I really needed this post!

My sister (through satan) is attacking me head on, and singing "How can I keep from singing," sure does help!!!

Kempton said...

It was my greatest joy and delight to sing God-boasting fight songs with my favorite team mate of all!

love you,


Andrea said...

The Victory Chant when Nicole C. Mullen sings it. "Hail Jesus...you're my King" comes first to mind.