Sunday, March 3, 2013

People & Dinosaurs ~ Extraordinary Creatures

What an Awesome God we serve!  We are glorifying Him more each week as we study His Amazing Creation.  We had so much fun studying People & Dinosaurs.  Here's a brief overview.

Us (People/Senses) Unit

Sense of Sight ~Exploring with a magnifying glass. 

We made binoculars & then went on a shape hunt around the house.

Sense of Hearing activity ~ She had to match the containers by sound & write down her guesses.
As a homeschool mom, I've learned to save ALL empty containers!  These were from old playdoh.

This worksheet is no longer available online.  However, if you would like a copy, let me know & I'll email it to you.  

Sense of Touch ~ Spaghetti Fun

We compared uncooked & cooked spaghetti.
Then we made a web graphic organizer for the cooked spaghetti.

What better way to study the Sense of Smell & Taste than by making something yummy!
We made these No Bake Energy Bites.  You must try them! 

We are definitely fearfully & wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14)

Dinosaur Unit

"Look mommy, I made a dinosaur on my LeapPad!"
(Thanks grandma for this GREAT gift!)

She had dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for dinner. 

Cut & Paste Dinosaur Puzzle 

We learned that dinosaurs walked on their toes & the girls said,
"Just like Christian!"...they're right. :-)
(FYI - Poster board is super cheap at the Dollar store.) 

What a fun unit!

Looks like someone got a hold of one of our dinosaurs...gotta go! 

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