Monday, March 11, 2013

Let heaven and earth praise him...

    The seas and everything that moves in them.
Psalm 69:34

That was one of the verses that we studied during the Octopus Unit. What an extraordinary creature God made! We learned many interesting facts; like the many functions of the suckers on the underside of their arms.  We also had so much fun playing a game that I made up called "You're inked" in which someone is the "octopus" & she chases the rest of us (predators) to "ink" us.  The Water Unit was a study of the states of matter - solid, liquid, & gas. We also did a unit on insects.  Here's a brief look at a few of our activities.  

After we read The Very Lonely Firefly, Carysse made her own firefly scene.  We used this craft idea, but instead of buying a box of band-aids, I improvised with fluorescent sticky notes. 

 We talked about how insects are symmetrical (same on both side).
Then she made a Name Bug.

The Insect Unit

She's adding "suckers" to her Toilet paper roll Octopus.

We even had an octopus for snack; thanks to an idea that I got from Family Fun Magazine - Aug 2012 issue.

The Octopus Unit

We did a water experiment showing how heat turns water into steam.
She was amazed to see that the 1 cup of water we put into the pot turned into 1/4 cup after a few minutes.

Our States of Matter Chart
As you can see, I'm a teacher not an artist. J

The Water Unit

Here's the girls' favorite video about the states of matter.  They know it by memory so you can imagine how many times they asked to watch it! 

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