Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Take my poll about quiet time with the Lord!

Here's an opportunity for ALL my blog readers to contribute (Yes, even you faithful readers who NEVER comment :-). Take the poll to the right. It ends on next Tues, Dec 16.

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Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

I always used to have mine in the morning. I'm a morning person, and I love that time. But I found that kids bring an inconsistency to my mornings that just wasn't working. Someone is sick, and wakes up early, or something like that. So instead, I started having mine right after I put my second child to bed at 8 pm. I walk straight into my bedroom and sit on my bed for my time with God. It's been working great. I've found that for me in this season of life, right after their bedtime is the most consistent time of the day for me to get uninterrupted time with God. It also means that I don't schedule many things in the evening. I have one friend I meet with for Bible Study every other week, and that's it. I cast my vote for "evening" but thought I'd follow it up with a comment!