Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Week

Jesus explained to His disciples how to truly be great and first in Matthew 20:26-28. The two people who are first on my “great list” are my parents. In my childhood, they went out of their way to serve me. Now as an adult, I’m still overwhelmed by their self-less acts of service towards me and my family. This past Christmas week was no exception! When they come to visit, it’s like a mini vacation for us.

Here are just a few of the ways my parents served us.

1) My mom cared for the kids when they got up so Kempton & I could sleep in!
2) My dad played with the kids nearly ALL day which gave us many breaks!

3) My mom enjoys cooking so she cooked the WHOLE Christmas dinner!
4) They stayed with the kids so Kempton & I could go to the Christmas Eve Service together!
5) They know how to care for ALL of Christian's needs without needing explanations!
6) They were in on Kempton's surprise get-away night for me. They cared for the kids again that night and morning!
7) They helped in hanging our new window treatments, installing safety latches on cabinets, and putting up shelves in Carysse’s room.
8) As if this wasn’t enough, they came bearing gifts!

Mom and Dad, you are truly great examples of Phil 2:4! Once again you “outdo us in showing honor” (Rom. 12:10). You are very much appreciated & loved!


Other Pics from the Week

The start of many grandma kisses!
Wake up Christian; it's Christmas morning!
Striking a pose!

This ones for you Christian!
Weeeee; this is fun!

Sister; check out my new toy!
Yummm; my 1st Christmas cookie!

This book's about Baby Jesus who is the true Reason for the Season.

We're about to leave for our evening get-away! My romantic husband is always full of surprises!

While the girls are out shopping, the guys are out sledding!
Dad graciously shoveling snow!

Mom & Kempton working on the window treatment!

Kempton making His Special Breakfast Burritos!

Thanks Grandpa for putting on my coat!
All ready in my Sunday best!
Daddy, you do my hair so pretty!
Two men and a tape measure on the next episode of Extreme Makeover!

Thank you Lord for yet another week of your Goodness towards us!


Noel said...

I LOVE your parents, just from seeing their pictures and hearing about them. Next time I HAVE to meet them.

Noel said...

Actually, I think I did meet them on another visit. I mean I want to spend some time with them.

Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

How great!! What awesome parents you have. How wonderful to hear what an encouragement and support they were to you. I also loved all the photos you posted. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your Christmas.

The Keierleber Family said...

I am so glad you got a break! What a gift! :) I LOVE the pic of Carysse on the little sled thingy SOOOOOOOO cute! I also love seeing her in these pics... like walking around, waking up C, I see more of her personality... I love it! :)

mom of 3, hater of cheese said...

Your parents are AWESOME!! Such great examples of unconditional, totally sacrificial love! Now I see where you get it from. :)

Stine said...

Dad and I count it all joy to be in the presence of such "Lovers of Jesus" and we are doubly blessed that it is your family. It is an honor to serve you as we visit and love on you by sharing all we have. Christian and Carysse are God's gifts to us as grandparents.
Looking forward to our next visit and hoping to spend some time with Noel.

Laurie said...

Isn't God so good?! What a blessing! The photo of your mom lovin up on her grand baby makes me ache for my grandbabies so far away!