Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The God of Extremes

After giving birth to Christian, a friend visited me in the hospital and said, “Nothing happens normally for The Turners; but God gets the most glory that way.” Wow, was she ever right!

I think I was set up for an Extreme Life from the start, I...
* Was an American baby of African descent born on Japanese land.
* Lived in Europe ¼ of my childhood.
* Married my childhood sweetheart after having no contact for over 6 years.
* Had my first born child at 25 wks gestation (3½ months early).
* Have a non-verbal 5 yr old with a cognitive development of a 1 yr old.
* Have a 9½ month old who catches everyone’s eye.
* Just moved from one boarder of the U.S. to the other.

But, did you know that we, believers, serve a God of Extremes?!?!

He commands us to…
1) Trust in God at ALL times! Psalm 62:8
2) Pray at ALL times! Eph 6:18
3) Love at ALL times! Proverbs 17:17
4) Do Righteousness at ALL times! Psalm 106:3
5) Bless the Lord at ALL times! Psalm 34:1

None of us are perfect and no one will at ALL times live up to these standards. However, we have a God of grace who helps us in striving to live an Extreme Life for His glory. Praise God for His mercy!


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cgil06 said...

Amen! And, that's an Amen "St. Matthews Style"! If you were here, i'd be hitting you with a white handkerchief....:) I praise God for the extremes in your's & my life. It's exciting that God would choose our lives to display his glory. Sis, i'm soooooo excited that you've started this blog. I was just recently talking to a friend about not talking to you as much as I want. This is a perfect way to peak into your heart & know what's going on. And, it's an easy avenue for us to keep in touch. I love you!