Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life in a Fishbowl

When we first moved into our house, someone said, “You probably want to get your window treatments up right away because you wouldn’t want to live in a fishbowl.”

Ever since then, I’ve pondered that thought, “Life in a fishbowl”.

Recently I was talking with a friend who also has a son with special needs and she shared that she was tired of living in a “fishbowl”. She said, “I wish people would stop looking at me and just jump in with me.” I then told her that, “They can’t jump in because they can’t swim in that water.” God has specifically chosen her for that fishbowl.

I’ve lived in a “fishbowl” for most of my adult life; first, as a Minister’s wife and then a Pastor’s Wife. For the last five years, a Mother to a child with significant special needs.

I used to think my life was on stage for the world to see, but that’s not true. It’s more like a fishbowl. The difference is a person gets to choose what they show the world if they’re on stage; all that is not “normal”, less desirable, or difficult to bear stays backstage and they show the world what they want them to see. In a fishbowl, all is seen…the strengths, the weaknesses, the joys, the sorrows, the abilities, the disabilities, and so forth.

So, this Blog is all about the defining moments in my “fishbowl”. It is about how God is teaching me to embrace being in it as His sovereign will and helping me to surrender to His eternal agenda for my life.

Be Blessed!


Hiswifey said...

This is now my favorite blog. Thanks for sharing your love for God.

Mrs. Carter said...

Hey Caryn,

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to read your blog. We all miss you guys so much but this will help us to have an inside look into your "fishbowl" since you are so far away. I know that God has special things for you to do all over and that's why He sent you to a new home to touch new lives. I will periodically check in to see how life for the Turners is going! I miss you and love you......Your friend Annette.......Wife of Antoine....Mommy to Joy, AJ & Jordan!