Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jesus our HERO, Santa is ZERO!

Listen to this 6 minutes of Gospel-centered truth especially parents of young children! 

My favorite quote from the talk - 

"I cannot see why a parent, if they know and love Jesus, if they have found Jesus to be the greatest treasure in the world, why they would bring Jesus out of the celebration and Santa into the celebration at all - I mean, he is just IRRELEVANT.  He has nothing to do with it.  He is ZERO!"
~John Piper 

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The Keierleber Family said...

AMEN!! I find it so laughable when parents are like, "I'm making the elf on the shelf do things that point to Jesus. Why make Jesus second? Forget Santa and the elf and make it all about JESUS!

(btw, Annie reconizes Santa is from seeing him at stores like Hobby Lobby. BUT she has no idea who he is! lol and she never will! She wanted a picture with him, (real and fake) recently and I allowed it because to her he is just something fun to take a picture with- like any character. :)but no, we will never ever do santa.)