Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Two Things We ♥ About Delaware

You may not hear much about the second smallest state.  However, Delaware, the 1st state to adopt the U.S. Constitution, reminds us of two of our favorite things - Ladybugs and Uncle Curt!

Interesting Fact: The ladybug was adopted as the official state bug of Delaware in 1974 due to the efforts of a 2nd grade teacher and her class.  More info here.

Delaware Unit
Carysse completed a Ladybug life cycle and a parts of a ladybug worksheet.

I found a ladybug mat printable for her to practice addition facts.

She drew this ladybug on the iPad.

She got this ladybug game for her birthday a couple of years ago.
We had lots of fun playing it!

The ladybug puppet that Kalia is holding is a super easy craft that I found here.
Books Read - Welcome to the USA: DelawareWatch It Grow Ladybug, Spotted Beetles: Ladybugs in Your Backyard, and a family favorite - Ten Little Ladybugs.

My only sibling, Curtis Eugene Gilbert, was born in Delaware while my parents were stationed at Dover Air Force Base.  He has always been dear to my heart (other than when we fought as kids:-).  I would like to celebrate him today on his 36th Birthday!

In January, I posted a video of his testimony.
Since then, the Lord has called him to be the Lead Pastor at The Journey Church.
Shortly after he started as pastor, they did a full length version of his testimony.

Dear Curt, I thank God for the day you were born.  But most of all, I praise Him for your rebirth into the body of Christ!  May the Lord continue to do a mighty work in your life!  I Love You!


Stine said...

What a blessing! So loving that you honored Curt on his birthday. I'm sure the girls enjoyed studying about the ladybug, one of Carysse's favorite insects.

Anonymous said...

Aww I love my family!!!!! Signed Tamika Price-Edwards

Caryn said...

Thanks Mom & Cuz!