Wednesday, January 1, 2014

See you later, Alligator!

Although Florida is mostly known as the "Sunshine State" and for its delicious oranges, we decided to devote the unit to the state's reptile, The American of God's amazing creatures!

Trivia: How much do you know about Alligators & Crocodiles?
1) Which ones upper & lower teeth can be seen when its jaws are closed?
Answer: The crocodile.  An alligator's top teeth can only be seen when its jaws are closed.
2) Which one has a wide head & snout?
Answer:  The alligator. A crocodile has a narrow head & snout.
3) How long can each of them go without food?  
Answer: Up to 2 years!
4) Where is the only area in the USA inhabited by both alligators and crocodiles?
Answer: The southern tip of Florida.

We really like how this book illustrated and explained the differences between these two very similar reptiles.

What I like most about Unit Studies is that you can combine all the subjects into one study for a more contextual, meaningful learning experience.  This increases understanding and aides in comprehension.  For example, instead of randomly explaining the term cold-blooded, we learned that alligators are cold-blooded and talked about the difference between cold & warm-blooded.  And there you have it...a Science Lesson!

I also introduced Carysse to the math concept of greater than/less than.  I downloaded a free worksheet from Teachers pay Teachers.

Incorporating Math & Snacks is always a fun hands on learning experience.  I enjoy combining the two so much that I even have a Pinterest Board named "Munching on Math" with many ideas. 
Here's an activity that I made for Kalia. 

We also completed an Alligator description chart & made Alligator Pie.
Excuse the half eaten/used ingredients photo...this is a homeschool not the food network!:-)

The girls thought it was really good and can't wait to make it again! 

I found this preschool activity for Kalia.  She liked how it turns the letter A into an alligator.
Other Books Read - Welcome to the USA: Florida & I am an Alligator.

Happy New Year!
Have a Blessed 2014! 

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Stine said...

Very interesting facts! I'm learning right along with my granddaughters.
"A Proud Grandma"