Monday, April 28, 2008

Nothing but Praises!

Praise God from whom ALL blessings come! Well, God definitely covered Christian with, "favor as with a shield" (Psalm 5:12). There is no doubt that our Lord used the many prayers of the saints to show off His power. Below are several highlights & praises from today.

1) Even though the surgery was moved from 9:30AM to 11:30AM and he couldn't eat or drink anything, Christian continued to smile, giggle, and play the whole morning.

2) He was so cheerful that he hummed & waved his legs in the air while being wheeled to the Operating Room. That was a funny sight to see.

3) When they got to the O.R., his doc. said that no one could believe how peaceful he was. She said, "He was unbelievably peaceful that he held his own gas mask while they were giving him anesthesia!"

4) The doc. checked his eye pressures and concluded that it was best to do the surgery. The best things about the surgery are: 1. His pressures won't have to be checked as often, 2. No more expensive eye drops needed, 3. The implanted device will serve as a constant aid in keeping his pressures normal which all should lead to 4. Better overall vision.

5) When the surgery was over, the doc. came out and said that the surgery went, "As Smooth as Silk." No problems, No complications, and a lot faster than expected.

6) For cosmetic reasons: When a person has this implanted device, they are given human cornea tissue to cover up the device so no one can see it. So, in other words, my child was given better sight, while someone else lost their child. My heart immediately went out to that family that the Lord will continue to comfort them and that they will find lasting peace & salvation in Jesus if they haven't already.

7) The doc. said that from years of having high pressures, cracks have formed on Christian's corneas. However, she said, "He's very lucky that the cracks didn't go through the center of the cornea (which mostly happens), but his were all on the outsides." That's not luck, but my LORD!

8) The recovering nurse said that Christian was the most delightful child she's ever cared for. She's never had a child that had to wear 2 eye patches & braces on both arms (to keep him from rubbing his eyes) that remained so content, tolerating, and good. He never cried, screamed, or even moaned. She was in total shock and we continued to give God all the glory.

Christian is doing well and sleeping soundly. He goes for a post-op tomorrow morning at 10AM. The doc. will then take off his patches and check his eyes. Please pray that his eyes continue to heal well, that there will be no infections, and that he won't have a desire to rub them.

Thank you so much for all your prayers! God used your prayers to shower His grace & mercy on us. We are grateful!


Ms. A said...

Dear Caryn and Kempton!
To God Be The Glory For All The Things He Has Done and Is Yet To Do!!! Christian's light is just shining and shining!!!! More Awesome Testimonies are yet to come. Have a wonderful and blessed day! Austra

The Keierlebers said...

God is so amazing! I love hearing about all the miracles in regards to precious Christian, and this day is no different! I bet if God make a picture book Bible, Christian's smiling face would be under Romans 8:28! Praise the Lord!

the hungarian said...

...without Christian, your faith might be as small as a mustard seed! :) praise jesus the surgery is over!

Elaine said...

Dear Caryn and Kempton,

Thank you for sharing! I miss you so much...I think we can all learn from Christian. To have peace in the mist of it all, in spite of what we are going. Beint Content! Unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3)


Stine said...

Praise God! I love the Lord because He protects us from too much information... Isn't it just like God to deliver what could have been bad news (damaged corneas) before the surgery, until after He had already replaced them with perfect ones during the surgery.

God is so awesome and He answers our prayers while we are yet praying. I have faith that Christian's sight will be much improved and thereby enhancing his other "abilities".

I also pray for the family of the child who donated the corneas. We all should strongly consider the benefits of organ donation.

Steph said...

I am So glad that everything went so well. Thank so much for the update. I've been anxious to hear how Christian and the family were doing.
God is amazing, indeed!
Blessings to you and your sweet family.

Sheridan said...

Praise GOD!

Anonymous said...

God is good, indeed! Praise Him for all He has done! We will continue to pray for healing. Love you! Denise, Lo & Michael

Shelly&Curtis said...

Hi Family!!!
Praise the Lord!!!! Curtis and I have been praying for Christian and Expecting great things as well...and LOOK AT GOD!!!! We are SOOOOO Happy to know that our Puchino is doing SO Well through all of this!! Thank you for keeping us updated on everything so quickly Caryn...This is a Blessing! We will continue to pray, and we look forward to hearing more and more of what Jesus is doing in Christian's life!!!! And we look forward to the next time we can see all of you! We Love You!!!

Curtis and Shelly

Jonnie said...

Hey! I was glad to hear your praise report. I will continue to pray for Christian. Our God is such a good God! I pray that there be no infections and that God give him continue to grant him comfort. He 's such a BIG Boy! Bless you Both,Kiss the little ladybug :) Jonnie

kimrichard said...

Caryn and Kempton,

It is so great to hear that the surgery went well. God has provided so many miracles and this is yet another affirmation of his faithfulness. Thank you for sharing with us and we will continue to pray for the healing process and his eyes to improve.

God Bless,
Kim and Kerry

Waldemar Family said...

We are so glad it went well. We thank God for bringing you to BBC!

the Waldemars

The Horst Family said...

Hey Turner Fam..
Such awesome news. We continue to pray for your family. Christian has a very special place in my heart. I still keep the Cubs/Astros ticket in my bible from when you guys came over on July 4th '06 and Kempton took me to the game. It is an awesome daily reminder to pray for you guys and also of how blessed we are to have you as friends. We will continue to pray for Christian's health as well as for the whole Turner crew. We love you and miss you guys.

Paul, Sara, Danielle, and Caleb

Michelle C. said...

We serve and AWESOME God that not only hears our prayers but he answers them. We thank God for Christian's speedy recovery and for giving him such wonderful and caring parents(and a beautiful little sister, smile). May God continue to bless & keep you guys and know that you are always in our prayers.
The Chevannes Family
Cliff, Michelle, Micah & Chad

IveyL said...

Caryn and Kempton,

You both have been a blessing not only to me but to others also. I want to thank you for allowing me to be apart of the family. A family prays together stays together. Well you both have a great big family that is always praying for both of you and family. Glad to hear (read) that Christian is doing wonderful. Was there ever any doubt. I think not! God is good all the time, even while we are sleep. Continue standing on the Rock and sharing with others. On another note, I'm still coming that way. Is all the snow gone yet?? :)
Love you both and may God continue to bless you both.

Lee Ivey Jr

Cory Hanson said...

Caryn and Kempton--
That is so wonderful!! His life is such a testimony through you to so many people. God works in so many awesome ways!! Thank you for sharing your stories and faith in your blog. What a great idea!! Miss you guys!! Love, Cory