Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whether by car, plane, or boat...

Don't forget your coat!    

Indiana Unit Study
Interesting Facts
1.  William Henry Harrison, the 9th President, was the 1st to set many records in his government career.  
* He was the 1st governor of the Indiana Territory
* He delivered the longest inaugural speech (1 hr. 45 mins.) He was not wearing a hat or coat in the bitter snowstorm during the speech which led to him getting a cold which led to pneumonia which made him...
* The 1st president to die in office
* He served the shortest time in office (31 days)
* He and his grandson, Benjamin Harrison (23rd President), were the only grandfather-grandson presidents. 

2.  Samuel Morris - This young man had a powerful testimony!  We watched the YouTube movie (this is an old school movie but we looked past that to the inspiring story :-). We also watched the Heroes of the Faith DVD. Unfortunately, Samuel didn't realize the effects that the cold, snowy weather can have on someone if they are not dressed appropriately. One day he went out to share his testimony without his hat & coat, similar to President Harrison, he got really sick and died shortly after that.  However, God used Samuel's short life to have a lasting impact at Taylor University.

3.  Indianapolis 500 - I know you have heard of this well-known car race.  But, do you know what every winner gets once they drive into the winner's circle - A cold bottle of....Milk! This tradition is dated back to the 1930's when the winner requested a cold bottle of buttermilk to quench his thirst.  
The kids decided to have their own car race.

Of course the winner (Kalia) got a nice cold cup of chocolate milk! :-) 

Carysse made a pic of a car race on the iPad. 
She said the bystanders are all people with special needs in wheelchairs.  
Her compassionate heart often looks out for opportunities to include the disabled.

We spent most of the unit focusing on The Wright Brothers.  
They invented and built the world's 1st successful airplane.
Wilbur Wright (left) was born in Indiana.

The girls made clothespin airplanes.

 We culminated our unit by watching Disney's Planes Movie.  
We don't have a TV, but we enjoy watching movies on the wall with a projector.
It's our own Family Theater!   

They made paper airplanes with daddy.

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