Monday, February 10, 2014

Eleven Fears in Eleven Years...

Backdrops for the Lord's faithfulness to be displayed! 

Through Christian's 11 years of life, I've had many fears!  All of them were turned into cries out to the Lord.  Most of those prayers were not answered in the way that I desired.  Nonetheless, God's plan for my son and our family weren't hindered (Job 42:2)!  He has definitely worked all of our joys & sorrows for our good and His glory; to conform us into Christ's image (Rom. 8:28-29).  Here are 11 fears turned into prayers that I've had over the years and what God's Word has spoken to me through them.  

1. In a hospital bed, while 25 weeks pregnant with my son, I prayed that he wouldn't be born early.   
God's Answer: No. He was born the next morning.
God's Word for Strength: Isaiah 41:10

2. I prayed that he wouldn't have a lot of complications or have to be in the hospital for a long time.  
God's Answer: No. He stayed in the hospital for 135 days & endured a breathing machine for 2 months, feeding tube for 2.5 months, various infections, 6 blood transfusions, & 1 surgery. 
God's Word for Faith: John 11:4

3. I prayed that he wouldn't have any other issues besides prematurity.
God's Answer: No. He had his 1st seizure at 9 months and then diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome.  
God's Word for Trust: Psalm 112:7

4. I prayed that he wouldn't have any mental delays.  
God's Answer: No. He is significantly mentally disabled. 
God's Word of Wisdom: 1 Corinthians 1:27-29

5. I prayed that he would be able to talk. 
God's Answer: No. He has never said a word.
God's Word of Sovereignty: Exodus 4:11 & John 9:1-3

6. I prayed that he would be much further along in his mental understanding & development by now.
God's Answer: No; in order to show that God's purpose for Christian cannot be hindered by man's opinions, labels, growth charts, or IQ tests.
God's Word of Purpose:  Psalm 138:8

7. I prayed that he would be able to walk & feed himself.
God's Answer: YES!  He started walking at 2.5 yrs. & feeding himself at 9 yrs. old!
God's Word for Praise: Psalm 126:3

8. I prayed that the Lord would wipe out all of our medical debt in those early years of Christian's life.  
God's Answer: YES! It was paid within 6 months!
God's Word for Provision: Philippians 4:19

9. I prayed that we would have enough babysitters to watch Christian along with our 3 other children for our regular date-nights and for our annual Anniversary get-aways. 
God's Answer: YES!  You will have all the help you need! 
God's Word for Help: Psalm 121:1-2

10.  I prayed that my son would have a class on Sunday mornings where he could hear and learn about Jesus like his siblings.
God's Answer: YES! This past fall, a new Sunday School class started for children with special needs called, "His Strength".  
God's Word for Inclusion:  Mark 9:36-37

11. I prayed that he would do well at school and that the Lord would protect him each day.
God's Answer: YES! He's been well taken care of for 8 years now and acquiring new skills each year! 
God's Word of Blessing: Numbers 6:24-26

Even though I have all these remembrance stones of God's faithfulness, I often have to cast off fears that I have about the future.  I'm striving to remember the many ways that God has shown Himself strong and been so good to our family.  I want to constantly recall to mind that, "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is His faithfulness" (Lamentations 3:22-23).

I thank God for using Christian to teach me that "God's Word will never return empty without accomplishing what He purposed" (Isaiah 55:11)! 

Happy 11th Birthday, my dear son!


kristacoronado said...

Love this Caryn! Your faithfulness to His word is an encouragement to me. Happy Birthday Christain.

Caryn said...

Thank you, sweet friend!

emilie brown said...

Hi Caryn,
I'm so glad to keep up with you and your family through your blog.

One thing I remember about you and your husband is that you were a praying couple. You prayed for me when you left me to watch your children (only 2 at the time), you prayed for me before I left from babysitting. You prayed over your children every night. You prayed. And from my point of view, God granted peace and calm during times when I'm sure you did not feel calm or at peace.

I love you all and continue to pray for your family. God is so intimately involved in your lives and that is what is so attractive.

Emilie Brown (from INSIGHT 2009).

Caryn said...

VERY SWEET Encouragement, Emilie! This ABSOLUTELY blessed my heart!