Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Highlights

Now that we're half way through the month of May, I should finally take the time to share our April highlights.  Well, it was an interesting month that started here and ended here. As I mentioned in our March Highlights, Kempton & I had a sweet time away in Canada.  Sadly, the month ended with my big boy having a serious case of pneumonia.  Praise Jesus that after 3 days in the hospital, he was able to come home.  He has totally recovered from that sickness - Thank you Lord!!!  Here are some other highlights from the month.  

One evening, Christian was so tired that he fell asleep on the floor.  His sisters thought it would be a fun idea to pretend to fall asleep beside him.  Too cute!  

My baby girl often enjoys wearing my shoes around the house.  

Grandma was so kind to come care for the kids so that K & I could attend the Pastors & Wives Retreat.  What a sweet gift!
 Thank you Mom!

Carysse's day to introduce her family to her Sunday School class happened to be the same Sunday that Grandma was visiting.  She also shared that her daddy & brother were on the cover of this book and talked to her class about disabilities.    

Our church's Women's Conference was absolutely wonderful!  It was one of the best that I've ever attended.  Our pastor, John Piper, & Kay Arthur were  the speakers.  Here's a pic of the Women's Leadership Team with Kay (6th from the left).  


mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

so sorry to hear Christian was sick and in the hospital! praying strength and good health as you all await baby# 4!

Caryn said...

Thanks Christina! I miss you!

Stine said...

Had a blessed time as usual with you all. Looking forward to seeing you and welcomeing Baby Turner real soon.

Stine said...

Enjoyed our time together as usual. Looking forwrd to seeing you and welcoming Baby Turner real soon.