Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Highlights

The Shortest but Sweetest Month

Carysse & I made Gingersnap Cookies for our Letter G Week 

 "Give me a hug buddy, it's your birthday!"

 Christian was so excited when we celebrated his 9th birthday with his class.  

Happy Birthday My Big Boy!  I Love You!   

 I really like Valentine's Day!  When I saw these Sweet Heart Pops in my Family Fun magazine, I just couldn't wait to make them with Carysse for our Letter H Week.

 Aren't they cute?!?! Yummy too!  

 Here's another cute idea from the Family Fun Magazine. 
All of Christian's teachers loved their Tea Cup Valentines!

 My sweet husband fulfilled one of my cravings again - Bean Quesadillas!  They were so delicious!  I think he also gets 5 stars for the great presentation! 

Our 2nd Family - The Hornings babysitting our kids.  They needed this comfy break after putting the kids to bed.By the way, Krista (in the middle) wrote this book!  

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