Friday, November 4, 2011

More Highlights from October

As I mentioned before, the Lord blessed our October to be full of good things. Here are the final five highlights from our month.

6. We hosted a picnic for our church members who live in our city. Being at a very large church where thousands of people from varying cities gather, it was nice to just meet with this small group. We had a sweet time of fellowship! Kempton charged us in the Word as he reminded us that our mission field was right here in our own city. Lost souls aren't just in Africa & China but right across the street and in the stores that we frequent on a regular basis.
7. My big girl started "Bible & Ballet". She absolutely enjoys it! Kempton & I are so pleased that the first outside activity that Carysse is involved in is led by a believer that: 1) promotes modesty in dress (they wear long t-shirts & leggings), 2) they start & end class with a prayer & a verse of the day, 3) they only dance to contemporary praise & worship songs.

8. Kempton & I had the privilege of speaking to our church's MOMS ministry. This year's theme for the ministry is Self-Control. I laughed when I was asked to speak on that topic. However, God chose to use this imperfect vessel to speak truth to the ladies through His perfect Word. He is so faithful in using us even when we feel we shouldn't be the one chosen. Many times the Lord gives these assignments because the speaker often has more to learn than the listeners.
9. The Hope Keepers Ministry (women who serve a family member with disability) from my church had a panel discussion. Oh wow; it was good! God’s hand was truly on this event. He blessed it beyond all that I imagined. As our Disability Ministry Coordinator said, "It was a Beautiful Tapestry of God’s grace seeing how each ladies' stories/insights complemented one another". God was so good & faithful to us!
10. My 36th Birthday! My hubby took me to my favorite restaurant and got my favorite drink - VIRGIN Strawberry Daiquiri. We had mozzarella cheese sticks for appetizer and of course I had to have shrimp & crab legs for dinner...yummy!


The Keierleber Characters said...

glad you had a good birthday!

I am so jealous of Carysse's dance class! I hope I can find something like that one day for my princesses :)

Stephanie said...

Caryn, Can you tell us more about the "Bible and Ballet" class?

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Caryn! So good to see your smiley face.