Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Texas Theme Park for Visitors with Special Needs

I've never been there but it sounds like lots of fun! You may want to take your next family trip to San the fall or winter of course :-).

Here's a News Article about the park & their Website.


Dan and Tara said...

Hi Caryn! Sorry this isn't response to your post, but since I don't have your email, thought I'd share this link of Mark & Megan's so you can see little baby Jude!

Caryn said...

Oh my! He's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the website!

Tony Clairmont said...

Hi Caryn, this is also not a response to your post. I came across this website and the website for BBC and I have to say I have been so inspired by you and your husband. I live in the UK and am a father to two special needs children. I would love to be able to contact your husband, would it be possible to send me an email address for him. My email address is

Tony Clairmont said...

Sorry Caryn, my email address is wrong in my last post, it is

Caryn said...

Hi Tony,
The best way to contact my husband is by going here -
Click on his ministry assistant's name. She'll forward the email to him.
God Bless!