Friday, July 29, 2011

“The Gospel and Entertainment”

The following is the closing application portion of a message that my hubby taught at a recent student event.

Here are 5 practical questions to ask yourself in hopes of pushing the
beauty of the gospel into this entertainment corner of your life:

(Notice, I have NOT mentioned any specifics...only the gospel and
your heart...there is no specific, legalistic, religious list).

So, before you entertain yourself by reading this or watching that or
listening to this or going there or doing this...filter your choices
through biblical questions like....

1) Is my main motive to glorify my good God through this? (I Cor. 10.31)

2) Will this help me to keep my mind on things above where Christ
is at the right hand of the Father? (Col. 3.1, Phil. 4.8)

3) Will this grieve or quench the work of the Spirit in my heart or
feed the filling of the Spirit (Eph. 4.30, I Thess. 5.19, Eph. 5.18)

4) Will this have even the slightest possibility of causing another
Christian to stumble or unbeliever to mock the holiness of
Christ? (Rom. 14, I Peter 2.12)

5) Can I begin this by praying “Our Father in heaven hallowed be
Your Name [set apart Your name through this as holy, great and
matchless], your kingdom come Your will be done”. (Matt. 6.9-10)

Note: If you ask yourself these questions and can proceed forward in
this “entertainment choice” with a clean and clear conscience before
God and men - go for it! Enjoy your God and His good gifts, either
alone, with friends, with His glory! He is for your
happiness...eternal happiness in Christ Jesus!!!

The gospel grace of the Lord be with you all! (Titus 3.15)

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