Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Surprise Trip

A few week ago, my sweet hubby took me on a Surprise Trip to San Diego!!! A couple of days before the trip, he told me to buy some (maternity) clothes for warm weather and to be ready on Tues. morning because we would be leaving for the airport right after he spoke at MOMS.

I was elated! He had already asked my parents to watch the kids for 4 days in order for us to enjoy a Pre-Anniversary Trip. The Lord has blessed us with a trip each year for our anniversary. Because I will be 8 months pregnant (Lord willing) on our 11th anniversary (June 12), he thought it was a good idea to plan it sooner. I actually didn't think we would be going any where this year because of the new baby coming and because we had such a big get-away to the Dominican Republic less than a year ago.

After 4 hours of traveling with a layover in Phoenix, we finally arrived in Sunny San Diego! What a great city to visit when you've had to look at snow for the last 5 months! When we arrived, it was dinner time. We really like pizza so we had a casual dinner at a cute little spot called Espresso Pizza. Kempton had the whole trip planned out. All I had to do was sit back, relax, and be spoiled.

We had reservations at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. However, they overbooked for the night so they gave us a FREE night in their sister hotel - Hotel del Coronado.
On top of that, because of our "inconvenience" for the night, they told us that when we returned to the Resort for the remainder of our trip, they would upgrade us into a Luxury Suite. WOW!!!

I praise God for this sweet, unexpected blessing from the Lord. He has given me a romantic husband who regularly shows me that he loves me more than I can imagine. Thank you sweetie for striving to love me as Christ loves the church.

Below are a few snapshots from our trip.

Fun day at the World Famous Zoo

Dinner at Truluck's where you pay $25 for 1/2 lb of crab and don't get any side entrees. Very good though! :-)

Taking a break from hanging out at the Seaport Village.

5 month pregnancy pic

We had a good ole down-home breakfast like grandmama used to make at a well known restaurant called The Big Kitchen. The mouth-watering pancakes are as big as the plate!!!


Charlie and Manda said...

love it!

The Keierleber Characters said...

Praise God for such a wonderful trip filled with memories and surprise blessings! And for the little one still baking of course! :)

Sheridan said...


Chris and I went to San Diego in September when I was 5 months pregnant! It was GORGEOUS. We got to visit the zoo as well. So glad you were blessed with this trip!