Monday, November 10, 2008

The Madness Has Begun

The Mall Madness that is. Where there is no such thing as Thanksgiving. Everything is moved over for the holiday shoppers. We received at least 5 toy catalogs from various stores within the last week. What caught my eye and saddened me the most was a page advertising the Bratz dolls. These dolls are targeting older, pre-teen girls. As I looked over the page, words like -- sensuality, immodesty, worldly, lustful, and materialism popped into my mind. The ad and the website represent that, "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!"

*IT'S ALL ABOUT my hair & my makeup.
*IT'S ALL ABOUT my outfit & my accessories.
*IT'S ALL ABOUT my house & my car.

And that I'm doing it all "IN STYLE"!

On the contrary, take a look at God's Word -
* 1 Samuel 16:7

* Proverbs 31:30

* 1 Peter 3:3-4

Whenever you shop for your daughters (& sons), be sure that the toys & dolls that you choose...
1. Represent Biblical values.
2. Represent Godly characteristics.
3. Uphold modesty and purity.

“Parents, our wicked culture is appealing to the sin in our daughters, alluring them to gain their identity and satisfaction from external fading beauty and not internal lasting beauty found only in the Beautiful One – Jesus Christ. Your daughters exist to become beautiful [attractive] to God. We need to promote any means that help our daughters toward this glorious end!” ~Kempton Turner


Noel said...

You don't even have to SEE a doll named "Bratz" to know to keep away.

Laurie said...

Bratz! They just look like Brats and miniature girls to warn sons about! Skipping Christmas looks better and better. I mean skipping all the trappings of Christmas, not the celebration of Jesus. Yes it is madness and yes it is disheartening. The Christmas music has begun in stores and it sounds so insincere.
God reigns despite what we've done to Christmas. May we get rid of the trappings and wrappings and celebrate Jesus. May we cling to Christ, who we celebrate not only on Christmas, but all year all our lives.

The Keierleber Family said...

Girl... Bratz are so disturbing... did you know that for their panties they have lacy thongs? They are like Stripper Barbie. It IS so sad what are little girls grow up with.

I agree with Laurie, but I also do like hearing the Christmas music, cause in between rockin around the Christmas tree and jingle bells, you will still hear what child is this or away in a manger. So, even though Christ seems to have been put on the backburnrer... those trying to forget Him really can't during this season, so I still find this time special. Even though 95% of the decor is secular, you can still find the 5% that is Christ centered... and hey, when else during the year do you see Jesus in secular stores, or do you hear His praises sung? :) Do I wish He were the center, YES! But I am still glad that we do see Him at all... I fear in the future He will be totally out of Christmas and America. :(

Noel said...

yes. i agree with everyone. Bratz dolls are brats! Thank you for posting that word from your awesome husband!

~Talitha R. Piper

robin said...

April has recieved two of these dolls and i have given them back. They definately do not represent what i want April to model after. Your blog was so true!!