Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Membership Has It's Privileges

Yesterday, I parked for the 1st time in a handicap parking space when the kids & I went to Sam's Club. I got to park right up front! With Christian's disabilities, we qualify to have a handicap permit. So we got one!

Membership has it's privileges; however, no parent seeks out to be a member in this group...the disability group that is.

We may have received our membership card the day we got an ultrasound, after giving birth, after the 1st seizure, after the 1st CAT scan, or even after months of wondering why our child was not progressing as other kids their age. Whichever way, it doesn't matter...we are all members.

God knew that we would be part of this group before our children were even conceived (Psalm 139:1-6, 13-16). He had the sovereign power to not allow it, but he chose not to. Why? This is part of His plan for us. Some families' God-ordained plan includes kids that are all healthy and "typical" and some includes kids with disabilities. One is not better than the other; just different. If each of us embrace His will (no matter what that includes), we will see God's hand and evidences of grace throughout our lives. As we put our trust in our Savior Jesus Christ and choose to follow Him, we will witness His goodness all around us. Psalm 23:6a says, "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life..." God's goodness does not depend on health or being "typical". It's about knowing God and becoming more like Him as we "taste and see that the LORD is good!" (Psalm 34:8a)

Well, I must run now...there's a parking space right up front at Target waiting for us! :-)


CAROL said...

I just found your blog, by way of Abraham Piper's blog, 22 Words.
We have some commonalities in the way of special needs... and I can tell that you are also on the path god has led me through, learning SO much through our children's special needs.
May God's glory continue to shine brilliantly through the circumstances surrounding your son, and the manner in which you face them.
God alone provides everything we need!

Laurie said...

I remember the exact day I got my “handicap permit”.
It was the same day I went to the neurologist to find out what in the world was WRONG with me. Making a long story short, my mom went with me because considering the symptoms I was having, she was almost certain that I had a brain tumor. (At the time I didn’t know that is what she thought!) When the Dr. diagnosed me with MS, my mom was so relieved (I didn’t know that either) but I was far from relieved. I was devastated.
I went into mourning for my losses. To say the least, getting the handicap permit was unreal to me. I didn’t want it. I shouldn’t need it! But now I’m glad I do have it as most days the closest parking spaces don’t seem close enough!
I’m walking, but my balance, strength and endurance is off (so I always hope there is a cart near my parking space!) I confess some struggle about my image (this is pride!) but as you said,
"God's goodness does not depend on health or being "typical". It's about knowing God and becoming more like Him as we "taste and see that the LORD is good!" (Psalm 34:8a)
He IS good!
Press On to know the Lord!