Thursday, January 8, 2015

My 2015 Book "List"

How many books do you think I have on my list? Drum roll please...One! If you peruse the blogosphere, you'll see that I most likely have the shortest book list.

Why only one book? I'm not an avid reader except for my daily Bible reading. I'm also not a fast reader because I'm so reflective. I often sit and ponder one sentence or paragraph for several minutes. I then write my thoughts in the margin.  That's why I can't loan out my books because they become personal journals. I'll most likely read bits & pieces of other books but I'll plan to finish my one book first. And here's the book...

Our family is adjusting to the biggest transition of our lives as we prepare to plant a church - My sweet hubby recently blessed me with this book. It is so helpful as I get acquainted in my new role as a church planters' wife. I have much to learn! Here is a simple yet profound statement that the author said, 

"In all my attempts at forming a job description for myself, God has continually spoken grace over me: Follow Me. Serve your family. Love people. As much as I panic and attempt a bullet point to-do list, He always brings me back to dependence." (p. 42)

I've been very encouraged by her transparency and honesty about the sweet & sour of this role. I'm looking forward to reading more. I've already read two chapters! My reading goal is definitely not set too low; it's realistic for me as I keep up with my insanely wonderfully full life. Hopefully I'll get done before I have to write my 2016 Book List!

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