Monday, October 13, 2014

From Sunflowers to Peaches...Thanks Bees!

North Dakota Unit
North Dakota is the nation's top sunflower grower; producing 50% of the U.S. crop.  Before attending the Family Retreat, we had already planned to focus on sunflowers the following week.  Let me tell you...God delights in bringing even the smallest blessings to His children! We were driving away from the retreat & all of a sudden we saw fields of sunflowers!  We must have missed them on our drive up.  I couldn't control my excitement!  I started taking photos from the van.  Then my sweet hubby decided to pull up next to one of the fields so that the girls & I could get out & get a closer look. None of us had ever seen so many beautiful sunflowers. That was definitely a memorable family moment! 

This photo is not as vivid because it was taken from the van; but I wanted you to check out all that yellow; the sunflower fields were massive!

 I also found this personalized sunflower activity to do. 


South Carolina Unit
Although Georgia is named the Peach State, South Carolina actually produces more peaches.  It is the second largest peach producing state with California ranking first.  Therefore, we thought it would be a "sweet" idea to focus on peaches for this unit. 

After reading Katie and the Sunflowers during our ND Unit, we talked about still life paintings and artists.  The girls did some peach still life art of their own.

After reading From Pit to Peach Tree, they did this peach craft.

We culminated the unit with a cooking project - Peach Pie Pops
These were super easy & fun especially using Ready-made refrigerated pie crust

The girls were all into you can see from the flour on their faces.  :-) 


Baby bear enjoyed them the most...Yum! 

Lots of peachy keen fun! 

Vermont Unit
Vermont's state insect is the Honeybee.  Without this special insect, there wouldn't be any beautiful sunflowers or delicious peaches! Honeybees are super important to farmers because they are the principal pollinators of many of their crops.  Although we run away from them in fear of being stung, we tend to run to the pantry for their delicious honey. Bees are most likely the most useful insects on earth! 

Another "Coincidence" - The same week we studied bees, this article was on the front cover of the newspaper! 

Our verse of the week
Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24
We talked about the verse and did Honeycomb Art

They also did a Bubble Wrap Beehive craft

Beehive from pattern blocks

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