Monday, May 19, 2014

Half Way There!

We have studied 25 states so far!  We're really enjoying this USA Unit Study!  You can read here to find out the embarrassment inspiration behind this unit :-).  Here are some pics showing how we weekly review the states.

C. adds the state names to our wall map.

K. glues the states on our map puzzle

C. researches each state's flag & other facts on the iPad & then completes the coloring sheet

I made these Travel Books for them (Yes, I purposely wanted them to look like passports :-). Each week they add the state flag and stamp the date next to it.  I found the mini state flags here

I printed the State's name cards from a USA game that I found at Currclick (Sorry I can't remember the name; it was a limited time Free Offer). Then I added the person/place/thing that we studied for each state to the back of the cards. We enjoy playing Family Charades with these!

Come Back Soon for more Carysse & Kalia Cruising the Country!

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Stine said...

I enjoy being a passenger on there cruise...learning a lot.