Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ben & Sam: Great Inventors

Massachusetts Unit
I have to stop, think, & say that state's name slowly because if I don't I mispronounce it every time! 

However, the two great inventors that we studied for this unit, probably had no problems pronouncing the name of their birth state.  The inventors were Benjamin Franklin & Samuel Morse. 

Franklin coined so many well known quotes.  One of my favorite teaching quotes is: 

Tell Me and I Will Forget, 

Teach Me and I Will Remember, 

Involve Me and I Will Learn

Here are more popular quotes by Franklin - 
*An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
* A penny saved is a penny earned. 
*Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. 
*We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

He also invented quite a number of things; such as the...
*swim fins
*urinary catheter
*long arm (reaching device)
*bifocal glasses
*lightning rod

This is a fun, informative book explaining how Franklin's inventions were used in the past & now in the present. 

We also enjoyed studying Samuel Morse.  He invented the single-wire telegraph system and was the co-developer of the Morse code. His father was a great preacher of the Calvinist faith.  That must have had an impact on Morse because the very 1st telegraph message he sent was,
"What hath God wrought!" (meaning: Look at what God has done!)

We watched this video that goes through the Morse Code alphabet.

The girls thought the video was boring :-/, but they had lots of fun doing their Morse Code "Name Necklace".  I didn't find any ideas that were simple for kids so I made up my own.  
All you need is string for the necklace, beads for the dots, & drinking straws cut into small pieces for the dashes. 
They each chose 2 colors for the beads (one to form the letters and one for the space between letters) and whatever straw color they wanted. 

Finished pieces...aren't they pretty! 

Other Activities & printables - Benjamin Franklin Fact KiteInvention Poster, & Morse Code Chart
 Baby Bear wanted to join them for this photo. :-) 

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Stine said...

So thankful for "Ben & Sam" and all their accomplishments. My life is better because of many of their inventions. Also, I am thankful that you chose to share their stories with my grandbabies and with me.