Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Toddler Time!

Homeschooling with a toddler can be quite challenging! But it definitely goes a lot smoother with lots of activities available to keep your little one occupied. I wrote a post last year listing Our Top Toddler Activities. Here are some of the things that keep my 1 yr. old busy & a few that my 3 yr old enjoys as well. 

Your toddler having a cabinet that he's allowed to play in is a must! 

He enjoys climbing in; 

And wearing the bowls! :-) 

Putting clothespins in a container - great fine motor activity! 

Boxes...the fun is endless! 

His sisters' Doc McStuffins playset is a favorite! 

K likes gathering all like colored items throughout the house & lining them up; it was red day! 

This is one of many preschool activities that I've found on Pinterest!
A recycle bin's trash is a homeschool mom's treasure! 

The girls occasionally take alphabet flashcards & match them with toys that start with the letters. 

I found this letter hunt in rice idea from Little Hands, Big Work.
We use plastic letters & A-Z Letter Match Cards

Little hands occupied, keeps mama satisfied! :-)

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Stine said...

So creative and fun. I miss my babies...thinking about a trip soon.