Monday, October 7, 2013

Second time's a charm...

Not quite!   
We've been in our 2nd year of homeschooling for a month now.  It's still pretty crazy juggling it all but I'm excited about this year!   Here's our general plan for the year:

Bible - MFW Bible Reader and Bible Notebook and Review each child's Sunday School Lesson.
Prayer - Kids Praying for Kids Prayer Journal and Pray for our church's missionaries.
Character Building - My ABC Bible Verses - Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts
Reading & Handwriting - Funnix Program
Math - Singapore Math
Daily Journals - Word of the Day & Number of the Day
Literature - I read aloud various chapter book classics.  We started with Charlotte's Web.
Art, PE, & Science - Homeschool Co-op
Life Skill - Swimming lessons
Geography/History - I'm creating our own USA Unit study called "Carysse & Kalia Cruising the Country"! I can't wait to share all our activities with you!
I do everything with both girls, but Carysse does the Bible Reader/Notebook, Reading and Math lessons/journals on her own.

September Recap

My big boy's in the 5th grade - unbelievable! 

My favorite first grader! 

My pretty preschooler! 

My busy baby bear! 

All lined up & ready for a good year! 

I created these daily journals for Carysse to do each morning while I'm busy getting the 2 littles ready for the day.  

I made this pig puzzle to go along with our read aloud.  After we read a chapter, Carysse finds the puzzle piece & Kalia glues it on.  After we finish the book and the pig puzzle is complete, the girls want to watch the Charlotte's Web movie.  

Preschool Activity - put the colored dot on the matching circle

Tiny Tot Activity - Blocks at the table to keep him confined in sight.  

Carysse is starting the school year off  "right" as she exclaimed,
"I'm eating the 10 Commandments toast!":-) 


Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. It looks fun. It is amazing how quickly it all goes by. :)

Caryn said...

Thanks Beth-Renee!