Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reclaiming the Rainbow Back to its Rightful Place...

Not for the Pride but for the Promise!

In remembrance of God's great promise, we decided to have a Rainbow Party for Kalia's 3rd Birthday!  I ♥ planning kids' parties!  This one was the most fun to plan.  We hoped for an outside party, but 30 minutes before the guests were due to arrive...It started to rain!  Thanks to God, my parents were here to quickly help transform our downstairs into a party room for 15 little girls & their mommies.  I'm so glad I had plenty of party activities planned since we no longer had the outside option.  We had a great time! 

The cute lil greeter
The Lord continued to bless me to find great deals for the rainbow colored tulle on sale at Joann's the week of the party!
Thanks mom for making the tutu!

1st activity - Make a name tag for your party bag using Rainbow Scratch Paper.

2nd Activity - Make a rainbow.
3rd Activity (not pictured) - Make a rainbow necklace with Froot Loops.

Pinterest inspired ideas - Duct tape on water bottles & fruit in a rainbow pattern.  Of course we had to "Taste the Rainbow" with Skittles. 

Carysse enjoyed celebrating her sister's special day! 

Daddy gave a prayer blessing.

Table Decor - Genesis 9:13-16 in an Acrylic frame & Glass vase filled with Gum balls & star wands that I found at the Dollar Tree.

Aren't these cupcakes fabulous!?!  Thanks Aunt Mary!

 Malia, Kalia, & Liza (Malia's sister)
Malia is one of Kalia's favorite friends.  Not only do their names rhyme, they look similar, & they were born in the same month.  

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


The Keierleber Family said...

Great party! :) Malia and Kalia! So cute!

Paula said...

Cute ideas! The cupcakes look so cute and yummy! Happy Birthday to Kalia!

Caryn said...

Paula, They were yummy & I only ate one...that day :-)!

Stine said...

Dad and I were so blessed to be with you all for Kalia's 3rd birthday. Making the tutu was fun and enjoyed the party. Always a joy hanging out with the Turners!