Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Highlights from the Nest & Turtle Units

Nest Unit
The girls were so surprised to see that their big brother (at the age of 3) was once inside a nest.:-)

C added this craft to the top of her Words to Remember handwriting sheet

 Little sister working on her nest coloring sheet after we read one of her fav books.

We read the book, A House is a House for Me and then we made a "house".

We enjoyed reading books under there.  It was so warm & cozy...zzzz..."Wake up Mommy!" :-)

She also did a baby bird's in nest craft.  

Turtle Unit
I found this turtle sun catcher craft at one of my fav stores - Michaels.
FYI - For all you home educators out there, you can get a 15% teachers discount on everything you buy at Michaels & JOANNs.  All you have to show is your membership card from your home school association.

Working on her Words to Remember sheet.

Toddler School - Pipe cleaners in strainer activity. Keeps her busy for quite awhile.  

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