Sunday, October 21, 2012

September Highlight: School is in session!

Oh how I ♥ fall!  The crisp air. The cool breeze. The colorful leaves.  
However, I started this fall with much hesitation because my big girl is in kindergarten & I'm her teacher!  You would think with an Elementary Education Degree & teaching background that I would be totally confident.  But, teaching your own child, while managing a home, keeping an active 2 yr old occupied, & caring for a nursing newborn, is certainly a cause for uncertainties!  Like many, many moms in my shoes, I stay super busy trying to juggle it all.  I'm so grateful for my homeschooling mentors who remind me that, "She's only in kindergarten; our state doesn't even require a child to be "schooled" until age 7."  They basically are telling me to chill out, read to her, have fun with'll have plenty of time later to prepare her for the SATJ! My hubby has been so supportive and encouraging.  He daily reminds me that I'm modeling & teaching her the most important things she'll ever need to know--JESUS...His authority...His sovereignty...His love.  
We really like our kindergarten curriculum!  What can be better than a curriculum that has Jesus as the foundation & a biblical worldview! 
Our 1st unit of study was "Creation: The Foundation".  We had so much fun reading scripture about each day, doing activities, and eating special snacks.  I found this cute idea for an art activity for each day of creation.

While reviewing the days with the girls, Kempton said, "Kalia, what did God create on Day 5?" Kalia looked  up & saw the picture of flying birds & eagerly said, "Angels!" J

On another occasion, I said to Carysse, "Did you know that some people don't believe that God created man.  They think that men came from monkeys.  Isn't that silly!?!"  She immediately giggled & said, "They must think that fish came from elephants!"  

I shared our conversation with Kempton and he happily said, "There's more God in my daughter's Creation Unit than there is in 20+ years of secular formal education.  We're not here to make valedictorians, but to make disciples!  We're striving to implant truth in them in order to prepare them for the Day of Judgment."  Amen, amen!  That is why it is worth our sacrifice of home education.  

1st day of school pics


The Keierleber Family said...

way to go mommy! yet another reason I wish we lived closer- homeschooling makes me nervous- would love to watch you work. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Have fun, enjoy it goes so very, very fast. You'll be amazed at what you will learn along with your children along the way. Blessings to you.

Jen said...

Awesome! Love hearing about your kiddos. I love what you are teaching them and that your purpose in educating them is for the Kingdom of God not just for academic achievements like valavictorian. :D

Caryn said...

Thanks for your encouragement ladies! :-)