Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Little Olympian

London wasn't the only site of the 2012 Olympics.  It was also on our block!  Carysse was invited to a very fun Olympic birthday party!  

What a beautiful day for the Summer Olympics!

The Line up

Let the Games Begin!

One of the girls' games - Ball toss in the hoops

Her 1st Gold Medal

One of the boys' games - Tug-of-war

Carysse with her best neighborhood friend - the birthday girl

Carysse tried to go for the Gold in this race.  It was definitely a close one, but she happily walked away with the Silver.  I wasn't totally convinced that she didn't win the Gold until I got home & played the video in slow motion. J

My big girl left with a Gold, Silver, & Bronze medal.
You Go Girl!!!

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The Keierleber Family said...

So fun! Way to go Carysse!