Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rejoice in Your Slavery Today!

That is, your slavery to the Great Master!

Excerpt from Slave by John MacArthur, p. 132-133

The Bible teaches that God has chosen His slaves by His own sovereign, independent, electing choice. In fact, He elected them to be His slaves before they were born, and even before the world was created. As those chosen by God, believers were "purchased with [Christ's] own blood" (Acts 20:28), predestined to be freed from slavery to sin and ushered into the household of God. He pursued us even though we did not seek Him, drawing us to Himself and snatching us from the clutches and condemnation of sin. Like Paul, we were "laid hold of by Christ Jesus" (Phil 3:12), becoming His willing captives, His joyful prisoners, and part of the people for His own possession. We are those who belong to Him, not because we chose Him but because He chose us.

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