Thursday, December 16, 2010

"See" What This Season is All About

Here's a poem written by my sweet friend, Amy Katterson.


See the donkey, bearing Mary,

See the dark and barren stall,

See the Christ Child, squirming, crying,

See the God who made us all.

See the shepherds, breathless, frightened,

See the sky alive with song,

See the travelers with their presents,

See King Herod’s rage grow strong.

See the Teacher, squatting, speaking,

See the crowd that mutters, eats,

See the broken-hearted mother

Hug her child whom Jesus treats.

See the leaders, growing darker,

See the hatred in their hearts,

See the Maker, quiet, moving

Toward the storm that broils, starts.

See the friend betray his Master,

See the frenzy of the crowd,

See the Sovereign Jesus, standing

Waiting there with head bowed.

See the fear in Pilot’s actions,

See the mocking soldiers laugh,

See them beat Him, bruise Him, break Him,

As He ripped the veil in half.

See the angels, vast, unnumbered,

Poised to smite the crowd below,

See the Father, silent, bidding

Evil men to crush their foe.

See the soldiers laughing, gambling,

For the tunic, smooth and whole,

See the broken body, bleeding,

By His wounds to save their soul.

See the realms of darkness shouting

As they view the death they crave,

See the silent women weeping,

Bringing spices to His grave.

See the first soft light of morning,

See the radiant Son arise,

See the claws of death are broken,

See the King has won His prize.

See Him, and in seeing, trust Him,

Let His coming be for you

Not just Christmas gifts and carols,

But awesome pardon, life made new.

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