Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Blind Side

Last week, Kempton and I went to see, The Blind Side.
This movie depicts the true story of the pro football player, Michael Oher.
From the start, it's quite obvious to see that the mom (Sandra Bullock's role) was seriously out of control. Inspite of her extremely domineering personality, we thought that the movie was uniquely interesting.
Has anyone else seen it? What did you think about it?


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Sonya said...

Hi Caryn,

I saw this movie a couple nights ago. True story movies, if they have a happy ending, will normally be high on my list of favorites. Blind Side was no exception. For the most part I really enjoyed it. It was heart warming, and I love the humble character of Michael. I saw a recent football interview of him that seemed to confirm that. I think that is such a strong trait and refreshing to see in a man.
I doubt the movie did anything to curb stereotypes, and I hate that the main character wore such revealing shirts, because Christianity is represented by the school she sent her kids to. Unfortunately though, you can find many women wearing shirts like that every Sunday morning, so it probably didn't phase most people.

Thank you for your blog!

Anonymous said...

I thought the movie was Phenomenal and all the characters that were played by the actors show emotions like none other. Telling the story of how this young black teenager came from having nothing to having a life was amazing.