Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Fearfully & Wonderfully Made"

Our church does a Scripture Memory Program. As a church body, we memorize a "fighter verse" each week. This week's verses are Psalm 139:13-14. Kempton and I talked about these verses this morning during our time together in the Word. We shared how this is one of the most common verses used after the birth of a baby. Even non-believers quote it. It seems quite normal to rejoice for this new gift of life in such a way. However, what if the precious newborn doesn't look so precious? What if the baby doesn't look at all "fearfully & wonderfully made"? Do those verses still apply???

YES, INDEED! As Isaiah 55:8-9 says, God's thoughts and ways are not like mans. Therefore His definition of wonderfully and fearfully is different than mans. God creates all things the way that He deems best for them to display His glory (Romans 11:36). That is the meaning of fearfully & wonderfully made.

* God chooses whether your child has eyes to see a beautiful sunrise or blind eyes to display His glory.
* God chooses whether your child will run marathons or be confined to a wheelchair to display His glory.
* God chooses whether your child will be the valedictorian of his graduating class or have mental retardation to display His glory.
(Exodus 4:11, John 9:3, 2 Cor 12:8-10)

As Christian meets another milestone in starting 1st grade today, I sit and ponder this moment. I think about all the ways he's definitely not like a typical 1st grader. He can't talk as they do. He can't write as they do. He can't feed, dress, or bathe himself as they do. But there is one thing that he has in common with each of the other 1st graders around this world -
My handsome big boy

Christian has the same aide that he had last year. What a blessing...we love Ms. Jill!
He gave her a big smile when he saw her.

He couldn't wait to go into the school!


mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

I am tearing up watching the pic of him walking into school! He has come such a long way. Did you cry on the first day of school? (because I sure don't see any tears on his little face this year). :)

Stephanie G said...

That 1st picture of him is one of the most joyous and precious pictures I've ever seen!

Kristin Glass said...

Wow, Caryn, I love the truth that you so beautifully illustrated in your blog. Christian is so precious. I can tell he was excited to go back to school. Thanks for sharing this with me. I loved seeing the new pictures :-)

Tyra said...

Caryn...look at Christian, or should I say look at God. God is so awesome. Christian is a BIG boy. Such an independant little man. I miss you and thank you for sharing the very special 1st day of school. We love the 1st...they are so special.

Ellen said...

Yes, indeed, he is fearfully and wonderfully made. Very heart warming - have a great year in school, Christian!

Pamela said...

God bless you Caryn!
Every post is so encouraging, so God-glorifying.
I'm so grateful for these verses and also for the ones that Kempton preached from at camp. I will put them all to memory so that when doubt creeps in I can proclaim that Jesus does all things well!

The Keierleber Family said...

I ditto Christina and Kristin! :) Love y'all!

Jen said...

I've never visited your blog before, but your post brought tears to my eyes. This is EXACTLY how I feel about my 21-month old daughter born with a cleft lip and palate, who is also developmentally delayed. God's Word is truth.