Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Movie Gets Two Thumbs "Up"!

This past Friday, we went to see the Pixar movie, Up. We rarely go to the movies because there are VERY few these days that honor God or biblical values. The last time we went was over a year ago to see WALL-E. Anyway, we really enjoyed Up. Even though there weren't any verses mentioned in the movie, I can think of at least 7 biblical values that can be drawn from it.

1) Proverbs 18:22. Some people may think this is not a big deal. However, you don’t have to look far these days to see that many are confused about the whole idea that marriage is between a man & a woman. Moreover, many people are thinking that finding a wife is definitely not a good thing.

2) Genesis 2:18. It was so encouraging to see the wife helping her husband put on his tie for work all those years. Even though she was a zookeeper, she joyfully served and helped her husband be prepared for his balloon vendor job.

3) I Corinthians 13:7-8a. What a beautiful picture of unity & oneness in their marriage when they joyfully loved one another and stayed together as they endured the trial of infertility.

4) Matthew 19:5-6. To see the couple’s longevity in marriage was so refreshing.

5) Psalm 27:10. The old man was like a father figure to the little boy who seemed to be somewhat abandoned by his parents.

6) Matthew 6:19-21, 24. Seeing how the old man's childhood hero became so wicked and killed everyone in the way of his search for the bird, showed how anyone can become when earthly possessions are their treasure and not Jesus.

7) Philippians 2:3-4. The relationship between the boy, the man, & the bird was a good example of putting others’ needs before ourselves.

So, if you’re looking for a decent movie to go see, I would suggest you check this one out. By the way, we use a website of Focus on the Family called Plugged In Online to research a movie before we decide whether we will go see it or not.


~Kim (and family) said...

Thanks, Caryn! We haven't seen the movie yet but I now think it would be a great thing to do (maybe a date night with my boys) and we can talk about these verses you listed. Very cool, thank you!

Crazy mom said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I saw UP with a couple of my kids and I thought it was great. I did cry several times during it because it was so touching (but then again, I cry very easily).

Caryn said...

Kim - What a neat idea!

Barb - I cried too! A friend told me to bring tissue, but I thought that wasn't necessary. I was so wrong; I cried in the 1st 10 minutes! :-)

tiffany said...

oh, this is good to know!